Meet the Family

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Peter Tsianakas & Daniel Lyons, with their wives, Sophia Tsianakas and Alexa Lyons - are the proud owners of Pita. The very close knit family decided to venture upon this exciting endeavor because of their love for on the go, fast, casual, Greek food. We are excited to bring the traditional Greek Gyro-style restaurant to the Chelmsford area!  


The Greek Gyro (yee-ro) is the traditional pocket of Greece.  Pieces of seasoned meat placed on a vertical rotisserie cooking slowly over the heat.  The outside of the meat is then vertically sliced in thin, crisp shavings.  Served traditionally on a home made Pita bread, with tzatziki (cucumber-yogurt spread), tomatoes, onions and french fries wrapped up in a cone like shape for perfection.  

Peter grew up in the restaurant business, naturally working first for his father's pizza shop and eventually opening up his own restaurant.  Peter’s parents, Ioannis & Eleni, came to Lowell from Greece at a very young age. The food, the culture, the love for their country was embedded in their everyday lives.  Sophia, was also raised with the very same traditions and love of her Greek roots. The two loved visiting Greece together and immersing themselves in the culture.  The food and memories were always the biggest takeaways.


Daniel Lyons has been immersed in the Greek culture for over a decade having been hugely influenced of the Greek traditions and love of fresh and delicious Greek food by Alexa and her family.  Daniel and Alexa have also had a love of the restaurant business due to Alexa’s parents, Panayiotis & Joanna Houliaris who have been in the restaurant business for decades. Alexa and Dan's love for the beautiful country of Greece along with the traditional street food of Greece the Gyro makes for a perfect match.


Both families desired to bring the Greek culture to life closer to home.  The idea of opening a Greek Gyro restaurant in America has always been a dream of ours.  Our hopes are to bring a feeling of traditional Greece, for those who have been so lucky to visit and for those who will hopefully one day get to experience one of the greatest cultures (we are biased of course). 


Thank you to all our family and friends

for the support since we opened our doors in October 2016. 


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